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The Stuff (2017)

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Genre: Action / Comedy / Drama / New Movie
Country: USA
Time: 1h 30min
Rogue cop Vinnie Pisetti has gotten himself into a deep gambling debt with the Irish Mob. Despite the ability to come up with the money (due to a pending time line over his head), Vinnie rallies his crew and devises a scheme to hit a Latino drug cartel. Things go awry and the prized bag that they sought, is thrown out of the window and grabbed by a pair of illegal cable hustlers (Mike and Trey) who happen to be working nearby. With the bag now in their possession, and both going through financial problems of their own, Mike and Trey decide to sell the contents to the highest bidder. What the duo quickly find is that they are both in for a battle of their lives, as Vinnie and his crew unleash an all out pursuit to reclaim the bag. What Mike and Trey discover, is that they're spiraling into an underworld in-which no one can be trusted and everything and everyone that is important to them, may now suffer grave consequences

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